FMEA & DP Services


DP systems including peripherals, power, propulsion and technical safety systems is our core competence and with our staff of master mariners, marine engineers and control system engineers we manage multi discipline work.

From our long experience in dynamic positioning, we have established a comprehensive, practical and theoretical understanding of DP vessels and systems, within every activity associated with the offshore industry.

DPI has advanced in-house competence and we have a very hands-on approach. Not content with advising from a distance, the DPI team will become personally involved in all projects with full commitment and we ensure our individual actions demonstrate our values at all times.

We provide our clients with outsourced management of DP FMEA using the methods described in the IMCA document M178 and upcoming M166. This includes online task tracking database, document control and system change control management. The Proactive FMEA system under development will take this one step further and include online interactive library of FMEA including supporting documents connected to a real-time analysis of plant status data and training module.

Management of DP FMEA

DPI ProActive FMEA System (Under Development)

DP Operational Management Audit

The DP Operational Management Audit provide our client with a clear view of the effectiveness of the corporate management system as applied to a particular vessel. The systematic process identifies the technical status of the vessel with regard to equipment and system performance and current status, as well as the competency of the operational personnel.

The audit will provide the client with a full view of the vessel’s current DP status and identify any areas for improvement, leading to reducing operational risk and improving overall operability.

Our methodology provides thorough verification and detailed inspection, testing and reporting.  The client can be assured that all essential equipment and methodologies are fit for purpose, in good operational condition, and verified for compliance with international, national, class and IMCA standards as well as equipment-specific regulations.

Note: Dynamic Positioning (DP) is considered a high risk activity during which a team and advanced technological equipment work together to maintain control of a vessel or mobile offshore unit (MOU) or perform a task, using DP.

The Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) plays a crucial role in these operations and in the communication with other parties.

DP Vessel Evaluation

  • DPI carry out Vessel Suitability Surveys to assess the suitability of a vessel and associated equipment to carry out or aid in specific tasks or operation. Vessel Suitability Surveys provide an independent assessment of the condition of all aspects of a vessel including its equipment, and gear ensuring the vessel is fit for purpose.
  • DP System Upgrade Services

DP Commissioning and Seatrial Planning and Auditing

DPI act as the client’s representative to oversee commissioning and sea trials. We also take the lead in auditing the systems at completion. This also includes participating in FMEA and Sea Trials.

Using a core team of highly qualified individuals working to demanding standards, DPI provides independent technical reviews of state-of-the-art marine systems. DPI’s clients include vessel owners and operators. Dynamic Positioning (DP) assurance and:

  • DP and FMEA Annual Trials Planning and Auditing
  • DP Operational Management Audit & Training
  • DP Incident Investigations