3rd Party Survey & Inspection


DPI provides Audit / Inspections for offshore and specialized vessels and we work directly with rig and vessel owners/operators. Our team is very familiar with various Audits and Inspections and we have persons in our team that are previous DNV Principal Surveyors with experience from DPO Test Centre Management, Maritime Audits that also includes audits of Navigation and DP Simulator Centers.

Our Audit / Inspections services are grouped into specific areas and we have advanced in-house competence for each of them.

On & Off Hire Surveys

Our Condition Survey addresses the principal particulars of the vessel and certification. An assessment is made of the condition of hull, deck and superstructure, mooring equipment, safety equipment, cargo handling system, propulsion machinery and thrusters, electrical equipment, instrumentation, dynamic positioning, navigation and radio equipment, accommodation, shipboard spare gear and outfit, and the standard and status of vessel maintenance. The cargo and ballast tanks, service tanks and void spaces are inspected wherever possible.

Note: DPI is a registered user of the Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) that sets out a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels.

Vessel: Evaluation for Acquisition

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Our Factory Acceptance Testing & Auditing Ensures Safety and Quality of Equipment; Prior to delivery or final installation of equipment, clients need to ensure that it operates as intended. We make sure that all specifications and contractual requirements have been met.

DP Operations

Ship Yard evaluation(s)

The Shipyard Evaluation Audit provide our clients with a clear view of the Yard Management, Yard Project Management, Fabrication/Construction and their Premises after our Site Inspection. Our systematic process identifies the status of the shipyard with regard to following:

Yard Management

Yard facilities, current capacity, experience and track records, present workload, own resources, Subcontractors and control of subcontractors, HSE and Security (Yard facility, security, access), Yard site safety (HSE) level, Quality Management System, Audits, Insurance, Ownership, Financials and Industry relations.

Yard Project Management

Contract, SOW and split of responsibilities, Project Organisation, Communication, Document management, Risk Management, Planning and progress monitoring, Procurement, Change control, Quantity/Cost Control, Variations, Variations, Verification and Class involvement.

Yard Fabrication / Construction

Construction standard, quality QA/QC, Welding, Material (steel, piping, tubing, bolts, etc), Surface protection, Query system towards engineering, Quality Control, Dimensional Control, Weight Control, Preservation of equipment at storage and after installation, Commissioning / Sea Trial, yard facilities and experience.

Yard premises

Lifting and transportation, work place and equipment.

QMS Audits